Stay Out Of Libya!!!

March 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hello twitter and blog world. This is my first political opinion blog post on this site. I was searching articles all day trying to fins something fun and light to write about for our first topic. But one kind of just smacked me in the face and kinda said whoa “write about me”. This topic really got under my skin and made me say what is becoming of our great nation? This is a two-part topic that ties together.
Topic #1
Posted in a tweet by John King of CNN “Did @BarackObama sign a secret order to arm #Libyan rebels? The chmn & top dem on House intl. cmte join us after briefing by Gates & Clinton.”
Why would the President of the United States be arming reckless rebels of a country we have not had diplomatic relations with in a long time?  Not only have we not been in discussions with Libya they have considered us an enemy for a long time. We are the “western devil” of the world.
How is President Obama any better than Muammar Gaddafi? Mr Gaddafi has armed his loyalist with weapons who are fighting what they believe is a civil war. Now the President is allegedly going to arm the rebels on the other side of the war. Either way innocent civilians are going to die.
My opinion is we do not belong over there at all. We have enough problems securing our own borders from illegal aliens and possible terrorist crossings everyday. My views are along the lines of a pacifist Libertarian.
Topic #2
CNN Breaking News reported via Twitter “CIA is operating in #Libya to help the US increase its “military and political understanding” of the situation
Now you can see how this ties into the first topic. Can you tell me why we are doing covert operations in a country we are not at war with? Why do we even have any of our citizens in the country of Libya? I have no proof but I believe our Special Forces (Green Beret’s) have been in the country of Libya along with the CIA for a little while now. Their assessment of the amount of fighters on the ground and what weapons they can handle I think is complete. I believe the weapons are on the way! Folks we have another mess on our hands.  We as a people need to spread one message “Stay out of Libya!”
Thank You,
Brian Dant

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