Arm The Rebels?

April 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

There is a major debate on the internet of whether we should arm the Libyan rebels or not.  There is a great article on by Ed Hornick . Bottom line its a horrible idea! The cons just outweigh the pros by a huge margin.

The strongest pro argument I have read so far is that of Paul Wolfowitz, a former Deputy of Defense under President George W. Bush “I think we should be doing everything we can to support the opposition,” he said. “It’s true, we don’t know what the opposition would be like when they take over, but there are actually some promising signs.” Wow what a week argument. Um we don’t know how they will act but lets give them weapons. Lets give them guns and ammo they have never shot before and do not comprehend how to use it. How different is the USA giving rebels weapons to use against other Libyan citizens than Mummar Gaddafi giving weapons to his loyal citizens to combat the rebels? It’s a civil war let them work it out! Yes Gaddafi loyalist have probably committed human rights crimes. But that does not give us the right in my opinion to give weapons to the rebels.

There are a few questions that need answered. Who would train these ordinary Libyan rebels to use sophisticated weapons? according to our administration the CIA is just on the ground to gather intel and establish relations with the opposition. In the article on they spoke with Robert Baer a former CIA operative. Here is what he said “This is a nightmare trying to train the Libyans. I tried to do it many years ago.” “These people are very difficult to manage.” He went on further to add that the disciple needed “takes a very, very long time, especially when you’re dealing with a foreign force and you must have Arabic speakers on the ground. It’s tough.” Another problem that Baer stated was “We simply don’t have control over the rebels. They don’t have to follow our orders, they take our money and weapons and go shoot who they want.”

Retired Army Brigadier General James Marks answered the following question. So is it practical to arm the rebels fast enough?  His answer “Well, the notion of the gang that couldn’t shoot straight might be lived out, absolutely, there must be some degree of training that is associated with arming this force. However, some weapons systems clearly they can get a handle on and they can use immediately.” The experts have spoken!

Folks this is not rocket science! Arming the rebels in Libya is horrific. And it is also a human rights offense in my opinion. We are not the world’s police!

Thank You,

Brian Dant



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