Watch out! New World Order is Here!

April 10, 2011 § 1 Comment

Congressman Ron Paul was on the Alex Jones show this week where he sent a stern message to “internationalists” trying to expand globalism – you will fail! The congressman expressed his concern that a form of globalism is now being presented on the uprisings in the middle east and North Africa. “The new world order people see it as an opportunity to move one step forward.” It seemed he was alluding to the current deception of  the US and International coalition now in Libya.

President Barrack Obama went into Libya enforcing a UN resolution of a “no-fly” zone over Libya without presenting it to our Congress. Congressman Paul stated “Bush senior bragged about that, remember he didn’t want to go to congress, he came and got a token approval in 1990/91 for the Persian Gulf war, but he got his orders from the UN, he didn’t need to go to Congress… That was the first time I heard a president use the words ‘new world order’, anyone who used that had to be a conspiracy nut, but Bush was saying this is what we need to do for the ‘new world order’. They go to war under NATO and the UN, not by the Congress, but ultimately the big one is to control the money, so they are making their plans to have a world-wide fiat currency through the IMF/World Bank operations.”

Thinking back to the terrorist attack on 9/11 and our invasion Afghanistan. I see the picture Congressman Paul is painting. The world trade towers collapsing caused our economy to take a serious tumble, causing the value of the American dollar to tumble, and our stock market to totally collapse. Then President Bush seemed to trump up charges to invade Iraq. This caused the first significant trend of the increasing cost in a barrel of oil. Which is causing economic havoc on America. Our economic forecast and the value of our dollar continues to go into a downward spiral while the cost of oil continues to go sky-high. All the unrest in the middle east will cause even a higher rise in the cost of oil. We fight Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Iraq. Our special forces are training Al Qaeda in Libya. Make any sense to you? It does to me. They are trying to make it seem so disruptive that a ‘new world order’ made up of one world government needs to take over to make things all better. This will take away every liberty we now have in our country.

The Financial Times has reported recently that the IMF strongly advocates the eventual introduction of a global currency called the “bancor”, based on its SDRs (synthetic paper currency special drawing rights). The claim is that the “bancor” would “stabilize” the international monetary system. Congressman Paul said “The new world order is certainly looking at this monetary crisis, we want the Constitution, sound money, gold and silver, but at the same time the internationalists are planning for their international fiat currency.” Paul still believes that a sound monetary system will still be recognized as the solution to our financial crisis, rather than the global regulation of the global currency being pushed by the IMF and World Bank.  Paul stated “They have a long way to go because what they advocate is still fake money and they have to defy the market place. They make the attempt and they may be able to cause a lot of harm in the meantime, but ultimately sound money wins out. Hopefully we do our job and liberty wins out over tyrants. The bankruptcy will bring us to our knees, but lets just hope we can put it back together in a lot better shape than we have it now.”

Ladies and Gentlemen if we don’t see the handwriting on the wall we are  in big trouble. We have to start standing up and recognizing the truth. Its right in front of our eyes just read what they write. They are counting on us not be aware of our surroundings and to just go along with it as we have done so far. Not enough people are shouting it from the rooftops. I have to admit I am one of those that until recently have been in the dark on this. For the past ten years I have been an independent voter adamantly opposing the two-party system. But I was not doing my research. I thank whatever higher power is controlling my life for finding the Alex Jones podcast on my Blackberry. Mr Jones you have opened my eyes to certain things and all I can say is Thank You!

Even though things seem to look bleak and dim for our future. Congressman Paul believes we will ultimately win in this battle over global supremacy. “It’s not going to work for them, no matter how hard they try and how many temporary military victories they have, it’s going to be a failed system. It will serve its purpose in many ways by bringing us to our knees and some of them like the opportunity, they don’t let emergencies go to waste, they take advantage of it and that’s why they think they can advance a new world order and one world government under these conditions. I think our message is spreading and I hope we are going to be very good competitors with these one worlders.”

Lets follow Congressman Paul’s suggestion. Spread the message. Stand up and tell them you are not fooled. Tell them we will fight for our Constitution to the end. We will not put up with our liberties being violated. Tell your congressman and senator you want our troops out of every sovereign country we are in. We want our troops home supporting our borders. We need to stop all the illegal entry into our country.

That is where the real harm is!

They think they have us fooled. Show them otherwise!

Thank You,

Brian Dant, editor


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